AIKIDO Classes

Tatami Studio is honoured to have been given the name ‘Winnipeg Aiki Shuren Dojo’ from Sensei Mark Larson.

Aikido is a non-violent martial art and an excellent self-defence skill that can be practised by people of all ages and levels of physical wellness, either as a recreational activity or as serious discipline. The Japanese word ‘Aikido’ consists of three Japanese characters that can be translated as ‘the way of a harmonious spirit’ or as ‘the way of unifying (with) life force energy’. O’Sensei Morihei Ueshiba’s goal was to create an art that practitioners could use not only to defend themselves while protecting their attacker – but also an art that developed and refined the spirit.

Aikido techniques consist of precise movements that redirect the momentum of an opponent's attack. Classes focus on techniques involving the bokken (wooden sword), the tanto (wooden knife), and aiki-jo (wooden staff). Tatami Studio teaches Iwama Aikido as passed down from the founder O’Sensei Morihei Ueshiba (b.1883–d.1969), whose dojo (place of martial arts practice) is located in Iwama, Japan. 

We encourage you to come down to the studio to watch or participate in any class for free! Send us an email to let us know that you are coming. 


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‘the way of a harmonious spirit’

—O’Sensei Morihei Ueshiba

‘the way
of unifying (with) life force energy’

—O’Sensei Morihei Ueshiba

Tatami Studio offers three class levels for Aikido:

  • Tatami Kids Aikido (ages 6–9)

  • Tatami Youth Aikido (ages 10–14)

  • Adult Aikido (15+)

As a parent, I have chosen Tatami Studio because of its quality of instruction and friendly and traditional atmosphere. My sons experience has been remarkable. Sensei Ama, and Sensei Maria are on the mat with the children for every class. Both of them teach with patience, warmth, and encouragement. They closely mentor and guide the children through the basics, and they introduce them to the martial and cultural etiquette of Aikido.
— Diego, Tatami Studio Parent


Four kids in the dojo

Tatami Studio’s children’s classes are the perfect place to introduce your child to the gentle martial art of Aikido.

At Tatami Studio, we focus on the physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual lives of all children who train with us. They will learn to interact respectfully with teachers and classmates while building coordination, confidence and strong self-defence skills.
Kids Aikido Instructors: Ama Mann and Maria Ferraro.
Aikido class schedules and fees.

Aikido has been a critical component of our son’s confidence and self awareness. Through his training, he has developed an amazing sense of personal power.
— Esla, Tatami Studio Parent
The teachings at this Dojo have helped my daughter very much. I am very grateful for the structure, discipline, kindness and good humour I see in the Dojo and from the Sensei.
— Michelle, Tatami Studio Parent


Aikido staff

The Tatami Youth program is designed to be a bridge between the Tatami Kids program and the adult programs.

Tatami Youth classes are fast paced and engaging, inspiring students to push the limits of their potential. Instructors begin to teach adult-level training methods designed to improve physical conditioning, building a solid foundation of self-defence skills while having fun. Classes nurture self-confidence, creativity and a positive attitude.
Youth Aikido Instructors: Ama Mann and Maria Ferraro.
Aikido class schedules and fees.

I can seriously say that there is nothing that can be sold or purchased, under the sun, that can affect your entire being as effectively and positively as the study and practice of Aikido at Tatami Studio under Ama Mann Sensei. My experiences on (and off) the mat at this dojo will forever be a valuable asset in my life.
— Tatami Student


Man throws man

Adult Aikido Classes are taught in a traditional format, introducing new students to the fundamentals of basic Aikido movements, and challenging experienced students with advanced techniques and principles.

Aikido etiquette will also be introduced. The pace of the class is such that persons of any fitness level can participate. All levels of Aikido students train together. There is no segregation by rank during practice: beginning, intermediate and advanced students all practice together freely. It is recommended that all students participate in two to three weekly classes. Women's Self Defence & Workout is also offered.
Adult Aikido Instructors: Ama Mann and Maria Ferraro.
Aikido class schedules and fees.

Ama Sensei has a wealth of experience, a relaxed, warm and friendly teaching style, and is keen to pass on his extensive knowledge to anyone who wishes to learn Aikido. Having trained in many dojos in many countries, I would not hesitate to say that this is the one.
— Tatami Student
The flexibility to join a class anytime makes it so easy to get started and the fees are very reasonable, with options to suit both the casual attendee and the serious student.
— Vince, Tatami Student


Tatami Studio has a friendly, relaxed atmosphere. However, it is also a place of serious study, mindful of the martial arts tradition and purpose. The training can be physically challenging, but is not necessarily so. Students work at their own level of physical ability and stamina, relaxing when necessary, challenging themselves when appropriate. We would encourage you to come down to the studio to watch or participate in a class for free!  Send us an email to let us know that you are coming!

Kids on a mat