Dru comes from the Sanskrit word dhruva which means ‘coming to a still point’ and ‘unchanging’. Dru Yoga has its roots in hatha yoga and includes classical yoga postures (asanas), breath work (pranayama), hand gestures (mudras) and empowering visualization through dynamic yoga sequences.

Tatami Studio has a friendly, relaxed atmosphere. We encourage you to send us an email to participate in your first free class.

‘energy block releases are exclusive to Dru Yoga’

These sequences are called Energy Block Releases which are exclusive to Dru Yoga. Dru Yoga benefits body, mind and spirit while improving core strength, flexibility and emotional balance. It is deeply relaxing and rejuvenates one’s whole being. Dru Yoga is an energetic, positive and fresh approach to complete health and wellbeing. Currently, Dru Yoga is only offered in Winnipeg, at Tatami Studio.

Dru Yoga fixed my chronic neck and back pain which I have suffered with for many years. My spine is now healthier, supple and strong. Love you Dru Yoga!
— Maril, Tatami Student

‘the foundations are firmly set in ancient yogic traditions’

Outside the Studio Doors

Tatami Studio offers Yoga classes and workshops both inside and outside the studio doors – we come to you!

  • School programs for children and youth

  • Seniors classes specially tailored to class needs

  • Private yoga sessions for adults

  • Yoga for businesses

Please contact us directly to set up classes in your schools, senior facilities and businesses.

Dru yoga combines subtle yet powerful sequences that help move energy and bring balance to your mind body and soul. If you are looking for a place to study yoga and meditation with beautiful energy, give Tatami Studio a try!
— Angie H., Tatami Student

What can you expect from a Dru Yoga Class?

  • A short, fun series of stretches and movements to activate the body in preparation for asanas (sequences and postures).

  • Energy Block Release (EBR) and chakra (centre of spiritual power) clearing. EBR's are easy and pleasant to do. When performed correctly they can dissolve emotional, mental and physical energy blocks.

  • Asana – each posture and sequence has specific therapeutic benefits for the body and mind.

  • Relaxation – ten to twenty minutes of deep relaxation allows you time to release pent up tensions, giving your body a chance to balance and repair. It's the equivalent of 2–3 hours of sleep!

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Instructors are certified through the Dru Meditation Teacher Training Course

Instructors are certified through the Dru Meditation Teacher Training Course

Adult yoga class with Ama Mann

Dru Yoga benefits body, mind and spirit while improving core strength, flexibility and emotional balance.

Dru Yoga is deeply relaxing and rejuvenates one’s whole being. The pace of the class is such that persons of any fitness level can participate including seniors and those with varying abilities. 

Dru is my inspiration. It invigorates my body, settles my mind and is the most wonderful journey of inner peace.
— Diane, Tatami Studio Student
Youth yoga class with Maria Ferraro

Students who practice Dru Yoga share some of the benefits they experience:

  • better energy levels

  • improved sleep

  • reduced anxiety and stress

  • more flexible joints and muscle strength

  • healthier backs

  • improved digestive function

  • lower blood pressure

  • greater clarity and focus

  • happier mood and inner peace

  • breathing and asthma improved

Kids yoga class with Maria Ferraro

Whatever your age and ability, Dru Yoga has benefits just for you.

Whether you enrol in a group class or a private one on one session tailored to your own specific needs, you will experience the benefits. Our aim is to give you a warm inner certainty that you are in charge of your life and your health. Relax, de-stress and recharge with a Dru Yoga class.

If you want to physically strengthen your body and emotionally enhance your mind, Dru Yoga will give you the tools to take into your daily life and help you cope with the stresses of modern living.
— Wendy, Tatami Studio Student

Dru Yoga Class Schedule

Tuesday 9:45–11:15 AM
Thursday 7:15–9:00 PM
Friday 9:45 AM–11:15 AM

NEW TO dru yoga?

Tatami Studio has a friendly, relaxed atmosphere. Students work at their own level of physical ability and stamina, challenging themselves when appropriate. We would encourage you to send us an email to discuss which class is appropriate – whether it's a class for yourself, your child, or a senior needing gentle movement. We look forward to hearing from you!

Ama is a devoted instructor who not only teaches the mechanics of Dru yoga, but also observes every student in his class to ensure their individual needs are being met. I would highly recommend Tatami Studio for the betterment of all aspects of your health; mind body and spirit.
— Angie, Tatami Student
Maria Ferraro teaches yoga to kids