Tatami Studio is the perfect place to introduce your child to the gentle martial art of Aikido. We focus on the physical, emotional, intellectual and inner growth of all children who train with us. As children’s skills develop, classes become fast paced and engaging, inspiring students to push the limits of their potential.

Instructors: Ama Mann and Maria Ferraro

Tatami Studio Winnipeg
Aikido has been a critical component of my son’s confidence and self awareness. Through his training, he has developed an amazing sense of personal power.
— Elsa, Tatami Studio parent

TATAMI KIDS AND YOUTH Class Schedule (Ages 6–14)

Tuesday 6:00 PM–7:00 PM Kids Aikido (6–8 yrs)
6:00 PM–7:00 PM Youth Aikido (9–14 yrs)
Thursday 6:00 PM–7:00 PM Kids Aikido (6–8 yrs)
6:00 PM–7:00 PM Youth Aikido (9–14 yrs)
Saturday 10:30 AM–11:30 AM Kids (6–8 yrs) & Youth Aikido (9–14 yrs)


Tatami Kids/Youth Aikido (ages 6–14)
$951 month unlimited classes
$299Three month starter package! (Save $70)
Includes 3 months unlimited classes, uniform and registration fee
$801 class/week

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After school care camp

Includes Martial Arts lessons, fitness, activities, games, snacks and homework time!

Birthday Parties!

Martial Art training, games, loot bags and much more!

The flexibility to join a class anytime makes it so easy to get started and the fees are very reasonable, with options to suit both the casual attendee and the serious student. If you are considering martial arts classes for your child, I highly recommend checking out Tatami Studio.
— Matt, Tatami Studio parent

Proud students after completing a successful Kyu test.

Proud students after completing a successful Kyu test.

Tatami Studio Winnipeg

Aikido is a Non-Aggressive Martial Art

Aikido is an exciting, dynamic, non-aggressive martial art and great way for children to have fun and stay healthy. Classes typically start with warm-up and stretching exercises, rolling and breathing excercises, and basic drills. In the second part of the class children will learn how to perform aikido self defense techniques with a partner in a group practice. The instructors incorporate games during class to help children develop and enhance balance and coordination while having fun.

Tatami Studio teaches Iwama Aikido, as passed down from the founder O’Sensei Morihei Ueshiba (b.1883–d.1969), whose dojo (place of martial arts practice) is located in Iwama, Japan. 

Benefits of Aikido for Children

In Aikido classes, children learn self-discipline, self-respect and improve their concentration. Aikido builds awareness, self-confidence, teamwork, and a sense of social responsibility and community. It assists in developing patience, discipline, concentration, compassion and respect, while getting exercise and having fun.

Learning to Cooperate

In Aikido classes, children are taught to work together and therefore learn to work with different people and different personalities. Learning cooperation leads to a greater understanding of others. At a time when more and more children are victims of bullying, empathy and awareness are more important than ever.

Tatami Studio Winnipeg
Tatami Studio Winnipeg
My son always looks forward to Aikido class. Sensei Ama and Sensei Maria keep the perfect balance between serious learning and having fun, while teaching respect, discipline, and proper technique.
— Vince, Tatami Studio parent

Learn the Basics of Self-Defense

A portion of each class is spent learning how to perform a roll and fall safely. This is the beginning of self-defense, or ukemi. Ukemi is a main focuses in Aikido. As students progress and mature, they learn advanced Aikido techniques with a constant reminder that Aikido is a means of peacefully resolving conflict.

In just a few short months at the dojo, parents find their child is healthier, happier and more confident. They have a greater sense of calm and are able to concentrate for longer periods of time. Children make new friends and become part of the community at Tatami Studio. We offer summer camps and many community building events throughout the year.

Kids/Youth Belt Rank Requirements

Students training in the kids/youth classes progress through levels of Kyu testing to achieve the coloured belt ranking system (yellow belt through to advanced black belt). This system was designed specifically for students under the age of 15. The ranking system consistently undergoes refinement, continuing to meet the needs of our younger students. The timelines below, for achieving ranks, are based on training two times per week at Tatami Studio:

  • Yellow Belt (9th kyu): 25 training days

  • Orange Belt (8th kyu): 40 training days

  • Green Belt (7th kyu): 50 training days

  • Advanced Green Belt (6th kyu): 60 training days

  • Blue Belt (5th kyu): 70 training days

  • Advanced Blue Belt (4th kyu): 80 training days

  • Purple Belt (3rd kyu): 90 training days

  • Advanced Purple Belt (2nd kyu): 100 training days

  • Red Belt (1st kyu): 120 training days

  • Advanced Red Belt – Shodan Ho: 150 training days

  • Brown Belt – Advanced Shodan Ho

Aikido Kids/Youth Handbook
Aikido Kids/Youth Kyu/Belt Test Requirements
Practice Counting in Japanese

The purpose of Kyu testing is to give students an opportunity to evaluate themselves under examination.


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‘Aikido has given my boys confidence. They always want to go back to Tatami Studio without hesitation!’

—Diego, Tatami Studio parent

Martial Arts Creed

We are the young warriors.
Our lives are a gift.
Our minds and bodies are tools we will strengthen to contribute to society.
With courage and honor, we will love and appreciate our families.
We will respect our elders and teachers, and protect nature.
We will not fight, nor misuse what we learn.
We will be a good friend and live a good life.
We, the children of today, are the leaders of tomorrow.

Copyright © 2004 Mark L. Larson

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Ruby, her parents and proud Sensei's after successfully completing her Kyu test!

Ruby, her parents and proud Sensei's after successfully completing her Kyu test!

Tatami Studio Winnipeg
Tatami Studio Winnipeg

After long looking into various local martial arts dojos, I have chosen Tatami Studio because of its quality instruction, very friendly and traditional atmosphere. My sons experience has been remarkable.

Sensei Ama and Sensei Maria are on the mat with the children each class teaching with patience, warmth, and encouragement. They closely mentor and guide children teaching the martial and cultural etiquette of Aikido.

This dojo not only teaches the children the skills of self-defense, it also emphasizes commitment and cooperation in a well structured and fun environment.
— Chad, Tatami Studio parent

Tatami Studio Winnipeg

The studio offers summer camps, seminars and community building events throughout the year.

Tatami Studio Winnipeg
Tatami Studio Winnipeg